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Raci Casing Spacers are designed to provide long-term protection. The injection molded all plastic casing spacers are manufactured entirely out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with no metal bolts or attachments, assembly is quick and simple. The spacers provide constant projections around the entire circumference of the carrier pipe – a minimum of one projection for every one inch of O.D.

Our ISO 9001:2000 certification ensures that Raci Spacers continually provides our customers with the strongest and safest casing spacer solution.

The HDPE spacers (plastic casing spacers) are manufactured by injection molding. This gives it a high impact strength and a low coefficient of friction which exceeds industry standards.

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Raci Casing Spacers, also referred to as dual containment spacers, pipe in pipe spacers, airport drainage spacers, sewer spacers, water pipe spacers, oil and gas spacers, drainage line spacers, road crossing spacers, transmission pipeline spacers, etc. are available for pipe sizes 1.65“ (42 mm) and upward. Our customers around the world choose Raci spacers for a range of applications.

  • Municipal water pipe and water transmission pipeline cased crossings
  • Municipal sewer pipe cased crossings
  • Oil and gas pipeline cased crossings and casings along highways, roads and railroads
  • Drainage lines that need to be protected and in double containment
  • River crossing spacers
  • Dual containment pipe application for waste water and hazardous materials (for concentrated hazardous materials please contact your distributor for chemical resistance tables)
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