What Are Casing Spacers?

Casing Spacers are used to center water, sewer, gas and other fluids in casings.

As a global leader in the casing spacer industry our uniquely designed and engineered Raci Spacers are the intelligent investment for a long-term success of your project.

Raci Casing Spacers are designed to provide long-term protection. The injection molded all plastic casing spacers are manufactured entirely out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with no metal bolts or attachments, assembly is quick and simple.

The spacers provide constant projections around the entire circumference of the carrier pipe – a minimum of one projection for every one inch of O.D.


The selection of spacer type depends on usage and materials:

  • Plastic casing spacers
  • Pipe casing spacers
  • Non-metallic pipe spacers
  • Non-metallic pipe spacers
  • Injection molded spacers
  • Pipe centralizers
  • Injection moulded spacers
  • PSI casing spacers
  • All plastic spacers
  • Micro tunnel spacers
  • Bore spacers
  • HDPE spacers


Raci Pipe Spacer can be used for a number of various applications.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas spacers

Water & Wastewater
Health, safety, environment

Waterline casing spacers, Water pipe spacers, Sewer line spacers, Drainage line spaces

Industrial & Mechanical

Industrial Spacers, Rail Crossing Spacers, Highway Crossing Spacers, Transmission pipeline spacers, Road crossing spacers

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